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Through the course of media artist Quintus Glerum’s life he has tried to get a better understanding of himself by mirroring his image to that of machines. While our tools are created for a specific purpose, humans don’t have the same luxury. Why do I act the way I do and what am I supposed to do? What does it mean to be human and does it even make sense to ask these questions? Getting strangled in endless streams of reoccurring questions shaped through both conscious and unconscious actions caused Glerum to perceive life as a kind of natural information processing-system.

Comparison has become the strategy at the base of Quintus Glerum’s practice. He commonly takes human specific elements and portrays them through the simplified lense of a machine. The act of simplification results in comedic works that both question and highlight the strange relationship between humans and their tools. He applies his background in animation (graduated with honors in 2018) to play with different realities and hypothetical worlds. Since he finished his masters degree in media arts and technology (graduated with honors in 2021) his practice moves between both the virtual and physical space, but always focusses on shaping narratives



Quintus Glerum

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GOGBOT Café artist talk (November 2018)
 artist talk as part of the GOGBOT café symposium at TU Twente, Enschede, Netherlands
Tec Art Symposium artist talk (February 2019)
 artist talk as part of Tec Art Symposium in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Seminar about Art and Technology for the Global Art Consultancy (May 2020)
  Seminar for The Global Art Consultancy about art and technology in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Art + Tech Panel at AXS Art (2021)
 artist panel with Ine Gevers, Kévin Bray, Noah Latif Lamp

Awards and Grants

- 2021 Mondriaan Fund Covid support

- 2021 KunstPunt LUCHT grant August 2021

- 2021 'USB-Monument' nominated for youngblood awards, GOGBOT

- 2018 'Cluster' nominated for best student project at Nederlands Film Festival 2018

- 2018 'Cluster' nominated for YoungBlood Awards, part of GOGBOT 2018 festival

Exhibitions and Festivals

-2022 September:  Art Festival: ‘Athens Media Festival’ in Athens, Greece

-2022 August:     duo exhibition: ‘Fragments Chipped Away’ at Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

-2022 June:       Art Fair: ‘This Art Fair’in Amsterdam, Netherlands

-2021 October:    group exhibition: ‘Even Goede Vrienden’at Museum DR8888 in Drachten, Netherlands

-2021 September:  media art festival: ‘GOGBOT 2021’ in Enschede, Netherlands

-2021 August:    group exhibition: ‘Unity Duality Trinity’ at AXS Arts in Amsterdan, Netherlands

-2020 October:    music festival: ‘Sounds Of Music Festival’ in Groningen, Netherlands

-2020 October:    group exhibition: ‘Heardrops’ at Sign Gallery in Groningen, Netherlands

-2020 August:     online exhibition: ‘Screen Dive’ as part of Gaudeamus Music Week in Utrecht, Netherlands

-2019 June:       group exhibition: ‘One Way Ticket’ exhibition at KunsthalKade in Amersfoort, Netherlands

-2019 June:       group exhibition: ‘Artist Bookshop’ at Kunsthal 45 in Den Helder, Netherlands

-2019 February:   media art festival: ‘Tec Art’ in Rotterdam, Netherlands

-2019 January:    group exhibition: ‘Ingekopt’ as part of Breda Cultuurnacht in Breda, Netherlands

-2018 November:   group exhibition: ‘Den Bosch Dataweek’ in Den Bosch, Netherlands

-2018 October:    group exhibition: ‘Frankenstein Symposium’ at Baltan Laboraties in Eindhoven, Netherlands

-2018 October:    Dutch Film Festival Best Interactive Award Exhibition, Utrecht, Netherlands

-2018 September:  Media art festival: Emerce E-day in Amsterdam, Netherlands 

-2018 September:  Media art festival: GOGBOT 2018 in Enschede, Netherlands

-2017 October:    group Show: ‘Enversed’ at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Netherlands

-2017 May:        media art festival: Playgrounds The Art Department in Eindhoven, Netherlands

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