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Hit The Bottom And Escape (2024)

electronics, 3d printed plastics, aluminium, lcd screen

a flock of fish swim in cricles around a bedroom like an acquarium. Just like a simulation, the acquarium is a closed ecosystem in which anything can happen, but is limited to the border of the tank. So is the simulation bound to the limits of the software and hardware used to create it.

This work is part of the 'Kiki's Wonderful Little Worlds' series. This body of works reflects on the urge of escapism by portraying life as a simulation. I use the protagonist ‘Kiki’ as an avatar of myself who acts as a bridge between mundane reality and videogame fantasy. Every piece of the series is an application of the act of simulation and the urge for the character’s escapism. I wanted to reflect on the ‘fakeness’ of these procedural worlds by making the inside of each screen an intricate part of the work. The visuals remain as a shades of fantastical realms created by and for ‘Kiki’

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